In light of the increasing cases of crimes and abductions in the country, it is crucial to prioritize the verification of a drivers identity and credentials before hiring them for duty. While drivers play a vital role in our lives, providing convenience and transportation, its important to acknowledge that even the most trustworthy individuals can succumb to greed or other human weaknesses. Just as the disclaimer in mutual funds states, "Past performance is not an indicator of future performance," a similar principle applies in the realm of verification "The absence of a criminal history is not an indicator of future honesty." However, it is still prudent to take every possible measure to ensure safety and security. By conducting thorough background checks and verification processes, we can strive to enhance the level of certainty and peace of mind. Prioritizing driver verification helps mitigate risks and contributes to creating a safer environment for all.

Employment History: Verify the drivers previous employers, along with their employment dates and job positions. This confirms their work experience and dependability.


Driver Verification is a comprehensive process to assess the suitability and credibility of drivers. It includes checks on their driving history, criminal record, and more.

Driver Verification helps ensure the safety and security of passengers and vehicles, making it crucial for employers and individuals hiring drivers.

RED CHECK RISK MANAGEMENT provides thorough Driver Verification services, encompassing driving history checks, criminal background checks, and license verification.

You can initiate the verification process by contacting us through our website, phone, or email. Our team will guide you through the process.

To begin the verification, we typically require the driver's personal information, driving license details, and consent for the check.