What disqualifies you from being a security guard?

Security guards are entrusted with the crucial task of maintaining peace and safety within the community. This responsibility necessitates their embodiment of upstanding and trustworthy qualities, as they prioritize and value the well-being of others.
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What we should verify if we hire any security guard?

To ensure that only the most qualified candidates are hired, a stringent and comprehensive security guard background check will be required for all applicants. This thorough screening process will delve into criminal records, employment history, and education background. Additionally, candidates will need to provide references that will be thoroughly verified.

In the majority of cases, a candidate with a felony conviction on their criminal record will face an automatic disqualification. Even a guilty plea to a felony significantly diminishes the likelihood of becoming a security guard, especially when applying for armed guard positions, particularly if the convictions involve violent crimes such as assault, rape, murder, fraud.

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You can verify a security guard in India by checking their license issued by the respective state's Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act (PSARA) authority. Ensure the license is valid and up-to-date.

Ask for a copy of the security guard's PSARA license, a recent photograph, and their identification proof (such as Aadhar card or passport) for thorough verification.

Yes, it is crucial. Conduct a background check on the security guard, including criminal record verification, to ensure they have a clean and trustworthy history before hiring them for security services.
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