Background Verification for servants and maids

In todays busy world, where both spouses work to provide a better lifestyle and education for their children, maids and servants play a crucial role in managing the household and are considered part of the family. Their honesty and dedication are invaluable in maintaining the household. However, it can be disheartening to discover the hidden truths about your trusted maids and servants, especially when their dishonesty comes to light.

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What is Background Verification check for Maids and Servants?

Getting to know everything about a person within a day is an impossible task, which is why extra caution is essential when hiring maids or servants. There is a possibility that they might have undisclosed criminal records or undisclosed mental health issues. In such cases, Intelligence services prove to be invaluable by thoroughly examining every aspect of their past, present, social, and personal life. Their investigations delve deep, leaving no stone unturned. They operate efficiently within a specified time frame, uncovering all relevant information pertaining to the individuals life.

Despite conducting extensive interviews about their personal and professional lives before hiring, its challenging to verify every aspect and uncover any potential lies or secrets they might be concealing.

In such situations, there is no need to worry, as many intelligence services offer background verification checks for maids and servants. These services provide valuable insights that can help ensure the safety and security of your home and family.

Why is it necessary to have background check for Maid and Servants?

  1. It reveals the real face of Maids and Servants.
  2. They may have a dark hidden past which made them mentally unwell.
  3. You should have background check to know whether he/she is a drug addicted or not.
  4. It helps to find about their behavior or how they behave with children or old people.
  5. It helps to find about her loyalty with previous families or office.
  6. It helps to verify his/her character.
  7. It helps to find whether she/he is dealing with any disease that might affect the family.
  8. Working style will be verified

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Conducting a thorough maid background check in India is essential when considering domestic help. The safety and well-being of your family depend on hiring a trustworthy and reliable maid. It involves verifying the maid's identification through documents like the Aadhaar card and passport, checking references from previous employers, and obtaining a police verification certificate to ensure a clean criminal record. Additionally, a medical examination is crucial to confirm the maid's health, and address verification ensures accurate contact information. Prioritizing these steps guarantees a secure and dependable domestic help, providing peace of mind for your household.

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You Might Also Have Few Questions

When checking references, ask for details about your maid's work history, behavior, and reasons for leaving previous jobs.

To get a police verification certificate, visit your local police station and follow their procedure.

A medical examination is essential to ensure your maid is in good health and doesn't pose any health risks to your household.
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